Monday, 18 May 2015

Taj Mahal Tour

When holidays venue is to be decided there are many options and certain questions in everybody’s mind. Taj Mahal tour of Green Chili Holidays helps you getting out of the confusion and answers all your questions. You may find a number of options of place to visit during your holidays time but, does the importance of that place is one of the biggest questions in your mind?

If yes, then the Taj Mahal tour of our company is the best option for you. Taj Mahal is located in Agra city of Uttar Pradesh and is one of the most visited places in the world. Taj Mahal holds its own significance in Indian and world tourism. Taj Mahal tour of green chili holidays will make you different from all who choose to go somewhere else.

What are the options to enjoy there?

During your visit to Taj Mahal there are a number of things you can enjoy. Some of the major highlights about what you can enjoy there with managed Taj Mahal tour of Green Chili Holidays are given below:

·         You can enjoy the world class architecture of Taj Mahal.
·         You feel proud of knowing the history and importance of Taj Mahal.
·         You can enjoy camel and camel cart ride there.
·         You can enjoy the handicraft of Agra.
·         You can enjoy shopping many leather items, marble showpieces and traditional dresses from there.
·         You can enjoy the artistic photography and show it to your friends and relatives.
·         You can enjoy the peace of mind by sitting on the platform of Taj Mahal.

This Green Chili Holidays’ Delhi Agra Jaipur tour has a lot to enjoy the full time you spend there. There is one more attraction of Agra and it is “Panchhi Petha”. You can eat there, bring home and distribute amongst others. You will certainly be praised for your choice. 

Taj Mahal tour – a smarter choice

If you have kids, you are newly married or you want to spend time with your loved ones then there is not better choice than Tajmahal. Taj Mahal is considered as a symbol of love, you can show your love to them by choosing this Taj Mahal tour package. This package of Green Chili Holidays is the best suited to you because you may not get much time from your office for holidays.

We at Green Chili Holidays value your time and money hence, we have designed this less time consuming and budgetary Taj Mahal tour for you. You keep yourself fresh with our tour packages which suites you the best.


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