Thursday, 7 May 2015

Golden Triangle tour packages India

Holidays are approaching and you must be planning about the venues now. Do not confused with a number of options we have bought the golden triangle tour packages India for you. We at Green Chili Holidays always plan the sizzling tour for you with the packages under your budget. Hence, this holiday season the best option for you is golden triangle tour package India.
What is Golden Triangle Tour?

India is a land of nature and historical importance. In India, there are a lot of places to visit and enjoy the beauty, knowledge and stories about those places. The golden triangle tour packages India is constituted of your visits to 3 most important parts of India. Three places in this package are Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. All the three places are rich in their culture.

The three cities not only are beautiful to see rather they hold historical importance also. History of all these three places is really interesting and good to know. The golden triangle tour packages India are designed to make your holidays more joyful and knowledgeable. The tour package has many benefits for you to choose. There is a reason behind keeping these three cities in this package.

Benefits of Golden Triangle Tour

The three cities hold their own importance in India and world too. So the visiting the cities will surely benefit you in many ways such as:

·         Your knowledge about the places will increase.
·         Your kids will complete their holidays’ home work in more effective manner.
·         You will experience three different cultures in this tour.
·         This makes you visit three different states (Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh) in a single go.
·         This package makes you enjoy history, culture, architecture and food of different places.
·         You can shop for yourself, your home, and your dear ones from different places as per their choice.

Because of many such reasons, the choice of yours for goldentriangle tour packages India will prove your smartness and utilization of time and holidays.

How to book a package?

To book a package for your family you can logon to our website i.e. and check for your convenient time and dates. There you can also see the package rates. Once you are satisfied, give us a call, pay booking amount and confirm your seats for the Golden triangle tour packages India. We value your time and understand your requirement. Hence, we design best holiday package for you.

You keep enjoying your holidays in your budget.


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