Thursday, 9 July 2015

Explore India with best tour packages

India is world’s one of the most famous tourist destination. Every year it welcomes a huge mass as tourists; both from within the nation and outside India. In the northern fringes of the country its rich cultural heritage and the UNESCO certified heritage monument Taj Mahal stands as the major attractions along in addition to the dynamic cultural diversity, enticing landscape and the famous north Indian cuisine. Delhi, the Indian capital is a yarn which weaves India’s past and present carrying it to the glorious future. Delhi has the reminiscences of Mughal dynasty which ruled on the lands of India for centuries along with the spurting energy and development of a 21st century modern society. Delhi connect Jaipur and Agra
Agra is situate in the state of Uttar Pradesh which bores the famous Taj Mahal Tour, the symbol of love and a specimen of Indian art and culture, reared and carried for centuries; generations after generation. Jaipur is another city of which even in the era of Science and technology with full vigor carries the spice of age old traditional legacy. The city bores the resemblance of several rulers who solicited a refuge on the Indian soil giving it a new culture, tradition, cuisine, art, literature and passing it on to the other on the battlefield.
India in itself is such a plentiful nation that it would take a lifetime exploring every part of it and experiencing the beauty entailed in its every corner. However, the aforementioned three cities form the golden triangle and is a must for any traveler who wishes to know about India and its heritage. Green chili Holidays offer excellent Golden Triangle tour packages, India primarily because it is one of the most sought after destination for travelers and also to support it as India is incomplete without these 3 cities and a journey to India is incomplete if these 3 cities are not explored.
The golden triangle tour packages India of Golden Chili are well designed which suffices both the ends- economy and comfort. The packages don’t keep the travelers rushed through the itinerary and the three cities are nicely shown. The beauty India encompasses is almost impossible to word but it can surely be felt and witnessed by experiencing it. So in the ‘must visit’ list these 3 cities should invariably top the list. It is a sheer worth remembering experience.


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