Thursday, 19 March 2015

Unravel the North in Economic ways!

The city which holds the seventh wonder on earth is vivacious to eyes and soothes the mind with its magnificent look. India is known for its heritage. Different dynasties have ruled on this land and have left its eminence through its cultural bounty. Mughal culture has intruded the Indian society in a large way and it is always a nice trip to go back to them and unravel their lifestyle in today’s world. Travelers across the nation visit these cities to explore its historical might and make a short travel to past. Travelling is more enjoyable if it holds an educational tinge.
Jaipur is placed in the state of Rajasthan and has been developed into a tourist’s destination. It showcases the bounty of Rajasthani culture through all windows. From the Forts to the street peddlers, all uber the uniqueness of the culture in a large way. The city is wrapped in its culture. They take a pride in the display of their tradition. It at once holds the lifestyle of kingly households and on the other today’s tech based living. History in its every fold carries a mystery and makes one compare with the contemporary climate. It is a sheer pleasure to witness the city in its colorful forms away from the television sets or laptop screens.
Agra and Jaipur are located in the periphery of Delhi and for any traveler visiting to Northern India a Delhi Agra Jaipur tour should be a part of the itinerary. Agra has the relics of Mughal dynasty in a large way with the silver lining of Taj Mahal. These cities appear like tied in a bun though they are located so close, are distinctive in characteristics and their offerings. Their dressings, cuisines, beliefs, folk culture is significant and special in its own ways. The beauty lies in the love and respect they share yet being so different.
Green Chili Holidays have economic plans to visit these cities and help the travelers to visit the right places even in tight time schedules. The agency works to develop tourism in the nation and have devised their tour plans in pace with their motto. The Delhi Agra Jaipur tour helps in identifying the north Indian culture in a large way and helps in developing an idea of the lifestyle in the northern fringes of the country. It is the perfect destination to take a short trip into past.

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